Saturday, 18 November 2017

Thrushes Galore!

There are now loads of Redwing especially and other thrushes around Colyton. This morning's brief walk yielded more than a hundred plus plenty of finch activity. No Hawfinch in Colyton churchyard though...yet.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Hawfinch, Shute, 16/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Fieldfare, Shute 16/11/17 ( Copyright T D Wright)
Well I gave in and popped up the road to Shute for the Hawfinches there today. I mean, that's how birding works, isn't it? You go to see some elsewhere and only after you've done that do you find some in Colyton. So watch this space for further wild-eyed stonecruncher news. Also about were Siskin, Bullfinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Chaffinch. Plus 5 species of thrush, 4 of tits, Nuthatches, Goldcrests etc. Very nice place!
Hawfinches, Shute 16/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Hawfinch, Shute 16/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Brambling & Fieldfares

In between my 2 library visits today I took a walk around Colyton and managed a single Brambling near the allotments among 100 Chaffinch, 50 Fieldfare, 25 Linnet and many Green & Goldfinch. The bench from which we viewed last winter's Cattle Egrets produced some flyover Redwing. I also saw Nuthatch, Treecreeper and numerous Goldcrests. No Hawfinch though - even if they have been spotted just 5 minutes up the road!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Black Redstart

Red Admiral, Couchill/Bunts Lane 08/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Black Redstart, Seaton, 08/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
I treated myself to a stroll along West Walk in the Sun today and kept going along the beach to Seaton Hole and up to Couchill. It seemed as if all this effort was for scant reward as only 4 Bullfinches, 2 Stonechats and 8 Goldcrests plus usual tits & finches and so on had been seen by the time I retraced my steps and headed for the town centre. A Red Admiral plus Buzzard & Kestrel at Bunts lane seemed a little disappointing. No Firecrests, Hawfinches or Black Redstarts this Autumn for me! Oh well... Suddenly, however - just when I least expected it - a male Black Redstart hove into view between  two houses in Seaton! Unfortunately, it was in a very shady area and my camera was set for the perpetual bright sunshine (all day long!) so my pics are in silhouette as it was flushed by another chat species and didn't reappear. Good thing it was a male with a massive white wing-panel then...
Black Redstart, Seaton, 08/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Black Redstart, Seaton, 08/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Red Admiral, Couchill/Bunts 08/11/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Finally had to throw in a couple of Red Admiral shots just to record the fact that they've been exceptionally abundant this Autumn. Just need to find myself a crazy-eyed cherrycracker now...

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November Swallow

Yesterday (6th) I wasn't birding as such but had a quick look along West Walk. A pair of Common Scoter were all I could see on the sea but the beach held Rock Pipit, Grey Wagtail and Robin but no Black Reds. None around the clocktower either but I was pleased to see a late Swallow there. Last hirundine of the year or not?

Monday, 23 October 2017

Cattle Egret at Dusk

I had a Cattle Egret from the gate by the tramline level crossing near the White Hart
pub at dusk on Sunday. My tweeted picture has already wrinkled a few noses, therefore I'm leaving this blog post as text-only for non-twitter folks!


Marine Hydrozoan Siphonophore, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Portuguese Man-O'-War, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Thanks to a Brianstorming Session on Saturday, I finally connected with a beached flotilla of Blue bottles. It's also worth noting that lots of storm-driven detritus covered the high-tide strandline. Cuttlefish, Dogfish and various seaweeds torn up by the roots were testament to Brian's power....
Cuttlefish, Seaton Beach, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Cuttlefish, Seaton Beach, 21/10/2017 (Copyright T D Wright)
Portuguese Man-O'-War, Seaton, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)
Look at the tentacles leading away from this one (above) careful out there folks!
From Seaton beach, 21/10/17 (Copyright T D Wright)